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What is Software Assist?

Software Assist offers solutions to protect companies and computers operating on Internet FTP server from FTP attacks. These solutions include FTP Auditor, FTP/WatchDog-Z and FTP/WatchDog-D. FTP attacks can expose your systems and assets through unauthorized access, and can destroy your operations through unwanted loads and frequent attempts to break and enter.

FTP/WatchDog-D enables real-time FTP monitoring for system distributions. It consolidates the system into a single view with automatic updates to reflect current activity. It provides active FTP management by auditing FTP usages and preventing company damages caused by unmanaged FTP such as exposure of sensitive corporate or customer data that can lead to violations and embarrassment for both parties.

The FTP Auditor lets you know where your FTP servers are located and which data they expose to FTP users both within and outside of the company. You can use this software to identify and locate all of your network’s FTP servers, shut down unauthorized FTP servers, disallow anonymous FTP except on very important business situation, close unwanted FTP exposures, and protect your company from embarrassment and breach costs. FTP Auditor will let you identify the server type and purpose for every server that it detects through the welcome message sent by the server. It will assess every FTP server for anonymous logon. This feature allows a user to access files on FTP server without the need for logon credentials.

FTP/WatchDog-Z does real-time FTP monitoring for distributed and z/OS systems. You can block unwanted FTP operations with SAF rules. You can monitor FTP usage on an enterprise scale. You can audit FTPs regularly. You can monitor who uses FTP and their purpose for using it, the data coming n and out of your company, the security of the sensitive data being transferred and who does the transfer, FTP failures or activity failures and their effects, number of long-running FTPs, anonymous FTPs and FTP servers with most activities.

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Last updated: : November 28, 2012