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Softricity SoftGrid

What is Softricity SoftGrid?

Softricity SoftGrid is the old name for Microsoft’s Application Virtualization software. The program basically sets up a system where an application can be served to a client using a virtual server. The result of this process (which is called streaming) is that clients can make use of any application on that server without needing to actually install the app on their computers. All they shall need to install is the client program for the application virtualization software, and then connect themselves to the server. The application runs on their programs as a distinct and isolated process—this means that it will not be able to tamper with any parts of the operating system or registry.

The Application Virtualization software is also the administrative program overseeing this sort of system. The administrator is given the ability to set access limitations for various clients and can also establish a set of rules as to the usage or deployment of the applications on the server. The program also includes a tracking tool: this means that administrators can track who used or is using a particular application being streamed by the server.

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