Skyworks Pin High Country Club Golf

What is Skyworks Pin High Country Club Golf?

Pin High Country Club Golf is a golf game on 3D graphics developed by Skyworks Technologies. It provides you realistic sounds and realistic golf experience. You can choose your look from the six golfers the game has in store for you. You can play 4 game modes: Practice, Match, Stroke and Skins. You can keep track of your scores and statistics in the Trophy Room. You can play the game with your famil and friends or against your computer.

The game screen will provide you the figures for the hole, distance, par, stroke and score on the bottom left. Bottom right of your screen provides you your options for Menu, New Game, Quick Help and Quit. The upper right corner indicates the distance of your last shot, the button for “click to continue” for you to go on with your game, and the Instant Replay button.

Pin High Country Club Golf can be played on Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms. It requires 400MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent processor with 128MB RAM. The program executable file for this game is pinhighgolf.exe.

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Download Skyworks Pin High Country Club Golf (external link)

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