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What is Skyrim?

In the game Skyrim, you will play as the Dragonborn, the hero prophesied to have the power of The Voice who can fight the dragons and save Skyrim and the Empire. You will use the Creation Kit to make mods for the game. You will create an account to contribute and be able to use the utility. Tutorials, Game Systems, Editor Reference [your handbook for the tools and functions] and Scripting Reference using Papyrus as the new programming language are all available in the Creation Kit Wiki.

Mod-makers can upload streams of mods to Steam. Items available at the moment on Steam Workshop for Skyrim have 11,301 entries. Item categories include armor, audio, books, characters, cheats, clothing, creatures, Dawnguard, dragons, dungeons, factions, foliage, followers, gameplay, graphics, houses, landscape, magic, merchants, miscellaneous, quests, races, user interface, towns, utilities, worlds and weapons. Collections have generated 1,982 entries for the Workshop.

Extensions to the game include Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Dawnguard key features include new shouts, weapons, armor and spells. You will become a vampire lord with your own upgradable perks. You have two fortresses to choose from: Fort Dawnguard or Castle Volkihar. You will fight with new enemies such as gargoyles, death hounds, vampires, new dragons and armored trolls. You will find the woman in Riften’s Ratway who can change your appearance such as your hair or face.

Hearthfire features include choosing your own land from the Falkreath forests, The Pale tundra or Hjaalmarch salt marshes. You can customize your home with amenities such as armory, trophy room kitchen, alchemy tower, greenhouse, fish hatchery, enchanting tower, smelters, gardens, mills and stables.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012