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SketchUp Application

What is SketchUp Application?

SketchUp is a 3D and 2D modeling application by Google, which lets users, graphic designers, and modeling artists to create three-dimensional content. It was originally made by @Last Software, which was acquired by Google in 2006 after the former created a SketchUp plugin for Google Earth; Google retained this plugin in the subsequent releases of SketchUp and Google Earth. The original vision of SketchUp, according to its developers, was to create a program that emulates the feel of a pen and paper while working on 3D (its slogan was “3D for everyone”), and to place tools and capabilities to the designer while having an intuitive, simple, easy to learn, and enjoyable interface. SketchUp is used most often by engineers (mechanical and civil being most often), architects, game developers and designers, and related professions that require the modeling of 3D objects.

SketchUp has two editions: the paid, Pro version, and the Google SketchUp edition, which is the free and downloadable version of SketchUp Pro, but with some capabilities like the Google Earth plugin. Called Google 3D Warehouse, this is a plugin where users can search for 3D objects in the Google Earth database, or add 3D content of their own as well.

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