SIMATIC WinCC flexible

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What is SIMATIC WinCC flexible?

The SIMATIC WinCC Flexible is an example of HMI software, or a human machine interface, developed by Siemens Corporation (SIMATIC is a portmanteau of “Siemens” and “automatic”; this name is under patent since 1958). There are several editions of the Simatic line, which is an automation system and a set of instructions that allow machines to run on their own. This is used in particular for industrial applications. Most machines that interface with Simatic software need a specific Simatic application, of which there are various types, to perform the task they are suited for.

WinCC Flexible is a central “control panel” for all Simatic HMI software. This is an integrated approach to a heretofore piecemeal methodology for HMI applications for Siemens industrial machines, allowing engineers and HMI operators a consistent, uniform environment for configuration of HMI applications. Using the WinCC Flexible, a single operator can perform the most basic of HMI automation tasks to those that used to require specific sets of HMI and manpower.

The Simatic WinCC Flexible has been superseded by the Simatic WinCC (TIA Portal), which stands for Totally Integrated Automatic Portal.

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File types supported by SIMATIC WinCC flexible

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Last updated: : June 22, 2014