Sid Meier's Railroads

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What is Sid Meier's Railroads?

Sid Meier's Railroads is a business simulation game released by Firaxis Games. It was first developed by Sid Meier together with the Sid Meier's Colonization. This time, the game focuses on the economy and business in which the player must make a strategy to gain goods through transporting trucks in the railroads. The game was first released last October 2006 for Windows operating system. Another predefined version was then released last November 2012 for Mac in Tosh operating system.

The player in the game starts by playing the role of a railroad tycoon. They have to build and sustain business industries all throughout the game. These industries revolve in the rail, which they have to create as well. The terrains like hills, mountains, caves and planes are helpful and play a distinct advantage towards the players. The industry's nature depends on its original place. The European industries include Wine, Beer and Dairy Products. While Western United States industries focus on Oil and Gold.

The game has a rich variety of scenarios and maps to choose from. These are Southwestern United States, Pacific Northwest, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Players are also allowed to make customized maps by editing the map's .ini files. These maps and terrains, by the way, are in full 3D modes. Sid Meier's Railroads game is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating system.

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Last updated: : January 30, 2014