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What is Serious Samurize?

Serious Samurize for Microsoft Windows is a type of freeware system monitoring and desktop development engine. Its core comes in the form of a desktop client, which displays a PC statistic anywhere on the screen. This statistic is similar to a widget or a gadget. It has a clock client, a server, a taskbar client, and a screensaver. The desktop client aims to show information about the computer, including available RAM/HD space, CPU usage, network conditions, and uptime. It can be extended using Jscript, Perl, Ruby, DLL plugins, Python and VBScript. There are also some plugins and scripts that can receive weather reports, music controllers, and news headlines. Samurize also has a config editor, which can be utilized to produce these configs. A config has a collection of meters, and is saved inside an INI file in the “configs” folder inside the Samurize installation path. “Configs” are usually packed so they can be shared with other users, through the use of an included tool.

Samurize is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Vista. It is a desktop enhancing engine, and a system monitoring tool. Gamers, IT professionals, desktop modders, and overclockers can use Samurize to acquire weather reports, news headlines, and system information.

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