S10 RedEyes

What is S10 RedEyes?

The software S10 RedEyes provides the user with a program for correcting red eyes on a photograph. The software was developed by S10 Software to enable users to fix red eyes on photos, which usually appear as an effect of the camera’s flash.

The program provides a circular/elliptical red eye remover to allow the user to correct the spot, following the shape of the pupils. The red eye correction tool blends the pixels of the pupils allowing for natural-looking, corrected eyes.

In the event that the red eye cannot be corrected, the software also provides the user with a set of pupil images which they can utilize to replace the subject’s eyes. The feature is available via the Use Replacement Eye tab. Users can compare the corrected eye and the replacement eye, and utilize that which the user deems more appropriate.

In addition to the red eye removal tools, the program also provides the user with selected image editing tools. Users are able to crop and resize their photos, rotate or correct tilt, and adjust brightness and colors.

Download S10 RedEyes from the developer

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Download S10 RedEyes (external link)

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