RPRemoval Application

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What is RPRemoval Application?

RPRemoval.exe is a component of SoftThink's PC Angel application, stored inside the SmInst folder where PC Angel's recovery engine is stored. It has no clear and identifiable purpose and has a very small file size (more or less 200 Kb).

SoftThinks is a software company best known for their recovery and backup software suites, and the term PC System Recovery applies to most of their products, chief of which are the PC Angel series and the Recovery Kit application. SoftThinks’ products are endorsed by the European Union.

SoftThinks touts the PC Angel line as a “content and system protection”, which is essentially a backup system to protect your important files in case of a massive system failure, hack attack, or due to accidents (such as fires, floods, etc.). PC Angel is often termed as Windows System Restore with additional, souped-up features and enhanced capabilities, which includes continuous and automatic backups and an easier, streamlined recovery process. Additionally, backups can be stored in the cloud.

On the other hand, the Recovery Kit is a stand-alone product which recovers and retrieves your data in case of data corruption, wipe, or accidental deletion. It is essentially a USB drive loaded with WinPE and SDS that backs up your data before any reinstallation procedure, if the recovery process requires it, and provides pertinent data to you or to a technician on-site for the damage on your system, and additional tools to fix it.

Download RPRemoval Application from the developer

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Download RPRemoval Application (external link)


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Last updated: : July 11, 2012