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What is rphMPFE?

rphMPFE, now known as ExMplayer, provides the user with a front end, user-friendly graphical interface for the media player MPlayer. The software provides the user with a GUI that displays navigation buttons for the player’s main features: Open, Playback, Audio, Video, Subtitles, View, Playlist, and Tools. Each of these buttons allows the user to configure function settings; such as audio effects under the Audio button, or video enhancement under the Video tab.

The program features a file browsing utility called Flow Browser. This browser allows the user to easily search for media files on the computer, which are compatible with the player. For video files, the player is able to display the beginning frame of the video, to enable the user to see what the video is about.

The software also features a parental control utility, where parents or guardians can block off scenes from a movie which they deem as inappropriate for children. They may also block off video commercials. To do this, the parent or guardian must first watch the film, and then block off parts. When the video is launched once again for playback, all the blocked off parts will no longer be played.

Download rphMPFE from the developer

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Download rphMPFE (external link)


About file types supported by rphMPFE

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