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What is RiffWorks Line?

The Riffworks Line 6 edition is a discontinued program that was based off the still-available Riffworks Standard software offered by Sonoma Wire Works. Riffworks is essentially an audio authoring program developed in particular for musicians/songwriters with guitar-centric productions or workflow. As may be guessed from the name of the program, riff-work is assumed to be a key point in the process and product. Percussion tracks are provided by the InstantDrummer feature.

The Riffworks Line 6 software used to be offered by Line 6 as an adjunct that buyers of certain products (like GuitarPort, Pod Studio, and TonePort) could download from them for a fee. The Line 6 edition of Riffworks was nearly the same as the Standard version at the time it was still available, with the only point of difference being that the Standard was compatible with multiple hardware options and the Line 6 edition was developed to work only with Line 6 hardware.

Some other differences between the two versions include the Standard’s ability to support RiffLink’s Online Collaboration features, its inclusion of 9 (instead of the Line 6’s 8) free drum sessions, and its ability to support more plug-ins.

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