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What is RegWork?

Regwork is a registry cleaner, optimizer, and tweaker for Microsoft Windows, built alongside such greats as Registry Mechanic and other more popular registry cleaning software. Regwork is also free, and offers a smaller installation size and a smaller memory footprint, which allows for faster performance. Like most registry cleaners, it cleans out obsolete, outdated and invalid registry entries that serve only to clog up your system and prevent it from running smoothly. This is one problem among Windows computers, and over time these entries can be so numerous that they impact your system’s performance. Fortunately, registry cleaners like Regwork are created specifically to make sure your Windows registry works as it should.

However, Regwork has a lot of complaints, some of which include a nagscreen and a propensity for charging you so you can fix the errors it has detected in your computer. These errors, according to most reviewers, are made up and only serve as a gimmick to Regwork’s money-making scheme, and when you opt out of the full version there is a noticeable slowdown of your computer. Experts recommend going for more legitimate registry cleaning software and instead remove Regwork from your computer.

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Download RegWork (external link)


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Last updated: : May 3, 2012