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What is RealTrimmer?

Real Trimmer is a video editing tool used to, as is obvious from the name, to trim files used the .rm format (both Real audio and Real video), and .rmvb (Real Media Variable Bitrate, which is a higher quality video/audio stream but whose bitrate, or general quality, is dependent upon the connection it is streamed on). By trimming, this means that unnecessary parts of the video or audio are cut or edited out, therefore creating a much more compact, concise, and more relevant media presentation; the trimmer may also be used for more artistic purposes in the video. The Real Trimmer only works on .rm and .rmvb files, though, and only for the Windows platform starting from Windows XP and higher.

Real Trimmer is not actually a separate program developed by Real Networks, but a built-in utility in select editions of RealPlayer. This tool allows for easy operation with an intuitive control of the trimming process. There is a virus propagating online with almost the same name, but the difference is that this is an executable file (.exe), whereas the genuine and legitimate Real Trimmer is merely a part of the RealPlayer software.  This is a good way to determine if the Real Trimmer you’re seeing is malware or not.

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File types supported by RealTrimmer

Our users primarily use RealTrimmer to open these file types:

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