Realtek AC'97 Audio

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What is Realtek AC'97 Audio?

An audio driver is a piece of software expressly written to enable the computer to use the functionality offered by a sound card. The Realtek Ac97 Audio is one such driver and it unlocks the full potential of a Realtek sound card so you can enjoy its many benefits, including full, high definition audio. However, as per common wisdom, you cannot install a driver (of any kind) on your computer that is meant for another operating system.

The Realtek AC97 Audio Driver is one of the more ubiquitous audio drivers that proliferated in the market in the late 90s and early 2000s – some computers, especially in the first half of the decade, are bundled with Realtek sound cards, and the driver is usually included in the bundle installation of the chipset (as it comes with the CD containing the drivers for the motherboard). In recent years however some manufacturers have developed their own onboard sound cards, thus precluding the need for a separate Realtek audio card. Realtek audio drivers typically not only allows the use of sound in a computer, but also packages other features, such as sound equalization and environmental control.

Intel engineered the AC97 as an audio codec, which is designed to both provide audio functionality and modem capability. It was so-called as it was the standard that shipped with Intel chipsets in 1997 and was also called MC97, or Modem Codec 97. This was later replaced by Intel's HD Audio standard which boasted audio output in channels more than Ac97's 6, although theoretically standard chipsets only offer up to 8 sound channels.

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Last updated: : June 18, 2012