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What is Rapture3D - Speaker Layout?

Rapture3D is audio 3D technology by Blue Ripple Sound Limited that specializes in Spatial Audio technology through application of programming and Higher Order Ambisonics. This technology is a response to the emergence of 3D television and films, virtual gaming and reality presentations. Rapture 3D has three editions: User edition, Advanced edition and Game edition. The Rapture 3D User edition adds 3D audio quality to OpenAL-compatible games. It utilizes mainly Windows audio outputs. The Game edition is packaged and customized for some games for Windows. The Rapture 3D Advanced edition uses Steinberg ASIO to support custom speaker layouts and audio hardware. The User and Advanced editions of Rapture3D are provided with 3D audio player that can play HOA [High Order Ambisonics] files.

The Advanced edition also features 3D headphone surround sound with five HRTFs to suit different head shapes, sample rate conversion, signal path in 32-bit floating point, preset speaker layouts such as 5.1, 7.1, 3D7.1, stereo, cube, etc. In this edition, you can customize your speaker layouts with more presets than the User edition. It can support Windows layouts and other variants. You can define your own layout, and Rapture3D will run a decoder for that layout and that will work with a Rapture3D OpenAL driver that provides sound in OpenAL games, and with Rapture3D Ambisonic player that will playback the 3D Ambisonic files. These custom speaker layouts provide you with DirectSound to enable you to talk to outputs [up to 8 outputs] of standard consumer hardware. It allows you to do other arrangements as your custom speaker layout. It would require a more complicate set up though than the User edition such as setting up of virtual wiring to obtain audio out and other functions.

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Last updated: : October 18, 2012