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What is QupZilla?

QupZilla is an open-source Web browser provided for free under the GNU GPL v3 free software license. The browser was originally created in Python code using the Qt toolkit. It was later rewritten in the general-purpose programming language, C++ to make it work seamlessly on multiple platforms.

The browser utilizes the WebKit layout engine, to allow Web pages accessed through the browser, to display properly. The browser has an integrated library that stores all of the user’s bookmarks, browsing history and RSS feeds.

QupZilla is fully customizable, allowing the user to specify a program that will automatically launch when the browser is opened, assign a homepage, and specify what page opens when a new tab is launched. The Preferences tab features all of the customization options provided to the user. From the Preferences window, users are provided with settings options for General (settings), Appearance, Tabs, Browsing, Fonts, Downloads, Password Manager, Privacy, Notifications, Plugins, and Other.

General tabs on the menu bar are File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help.

QupZilla is compatible with Windows, Linux, OS/2, Haiku and Unix-like systems.

Download QupZilla from the developer

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Download QupZilla (external link)


About file types supported by QupZilla

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Last updated: : March 14, 2013