Quicken Financial Center

What is Quicken Financial Center?

Quicken is a personal finance and management software by Intuit, one of the world’s leading software companies that are primarily concerned with financial asset management, and whose rapid rise to fame is due to QuickBooks, a related (but different) software suite for accounting purposes in business environments. Quicken is the progenitor of QuickBooks, and though having a breadth of scope all its own, is still treated as QuickBooks’ little brother, though it came along first. The first Quicken release was for DOS. Intuit also once supported an online version (Quicken Online) using a paid subscription model (with a monthly fee), but this was later discontinued and users advised to import their data to Mint; Intuit later acquired Mint in 2009. Quicken has two platform release editions, one for PC and one for Mac, but the features of either are exclusive and some are not present in the other.

Quicken has several versions, which have varying degrees of control and functionalities. Although Quicken’s major clients are those based in continental North America (US and Canada), most of their features can be used regardless of location or country, while some releases are specifically tailored for each country, like for currency, which includes countries such as Australia, Germany, and India, and other territories such as Hong Kong.

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