QUALCOMM ATHEROS SmartNet Controller

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What is QUALCOMM ATHEROS SmartNet Controller?

The Qualcomm Smart Net Controller is a product of Qualcomm Atheros along with other network managers and bandwidth controllers. The Qualcomm Smart Net Controller is a networking device used to provide Internet connection in PC, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that have Wi-Fi adaptors. Qualcomm Atheros Inc. specializes in providing high speed networking devices and peripheral device for home and business enterprise.

The Qualcomm Smart Net Controller is a popular product in Germany, Canada, USA and South Africa. This product is we due to its high speed Internet with less fluctuation. This device is compatible with Windows operating system and is mostly used in Windows 7 and 8 because it supports Atheros settings and performs fewer configurations upon installation. Qualcomm Smart Net Controller supports both wired and wireless connections. In wired connection, it handles passive optical networking and ethernet over coax. It provides more than 500 mbps of Internet connectivity, distributing it to every connected unit in both homes and offices. The application is also easy to manage because its menus and settings can be configured through a Web browser control. Apart from this, Qualcomm Smart Net Controller has an added feature that helps the users reduce energy consumption, which is called the Ethernet modem box. This box is slim in size and has the ability to limit the power consumption of the main device.

Qualcomm Atheros Smart Net Controller file size is 2.0 mb which makes it light on computer resources. The device supports English language as a general language. Once installed, its icon can be found in the Control Panel. The rest of the configuration process can be modified using the Web browser.

Download QUALCOMM ATHEROS SmartNet Controller from the developer

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Last updated: : December 18, 2013