qone8 Browser Protecter

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What is qone8 Browser Protecter?

Save time searching less and discovering more with qone8.com. This product delivers comprehensive web results, which are enhanced by Google along with quick and easy access to relevant videos, pictures, local maps, news, and stock quotes. This software loves programming and technology, as well as helping their customers. The program is designed solve challenging problems, code software, and making exciting stuff happen to their customers. Sharing their creations with them is their main goal.

Part of the Omiga Plus program, the qone8 Browser Protector prevents other search toolbars and users alike from resetting the hijacked web browser search, and home page from Omiga Plus’ official website, or a variation of it. The executable protects the unwanted web browser extension that delivers search redirection, as well as contextual advertising within a user’s web browser. The program does this by modifying the user’s home and search pages, in order to monetize search activities. The extension has the ability to monitor and track a user's web browsing activities and display various banners and link-context ads, in addition to its search redirection.

Download qone8 Browser Protecter from the developer

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Last updated: : March 31, 2014