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What is PuTTY suite?

The PuTTY suite is an open video source emulator (or terminal emulator) that works with Telnet and SSH. The Telnet and SSH are network protocols for the Internet and LAN providing two directional text communication facility from a virtual terminal. The name PuTTy is taken from the abbreviation for terminal emulator, which in networking lingo is called TTY.

This terminal emulator was originally created by English programmer Simon Tatham, the author of How to Report Bugs Effectively, a must for ordinary users to read before reporting alleged bugs to their device's developers.

The PuTTY suite port was originally meant for use in the Windows operating system, but as an open source utility, global collaboration developed it into compatibility with other OS like Unix, Mac OS X and Mac Classic. Other ports were also developed for mobile use with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS.

Features of the PuTTY suite include control in SSH key encryption, hosts and preference storage, client availability for SCP and SFTP, an iPv6 support, port forwarding control in SSH, support for DES, Blowfish, AES, 3DES and Arcfour, support for serial port connections, among others.

The PuTTY suite currently is in its beta software phase. It requires no installation.

Download PuTTY suite from the developer

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Download PuTTY suite (external link)


File types supported by PuTTY suite

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Last updated: : July 12, 2012