PSpice Schematics

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What is PSpice Schematics?

PSpice is a SPICE analog circuit and digital logic simulation program for Microsoft Windows. The name is an acronym for Personal SPICE, and SPICE itself being an acronym for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. During its development, PSpice has evolved into an analog mixed signal simulator. The software, which is now developed towards more complex industry requirements, is integrated into the complete systems design flow in OrCAD or Candence Allegro. It includes features such as an analysis of a circuit with automatic optimization, encryption, a model editor, support for parametrized models, auto-convergence, and checkpoint restart, several internal solvers, a magnetic part editor, and support for Tabrizi core model for non-linear cores.

The program SPICE 2 includes two types – Mainframe version, and personal computer (PC) version. Though the method of computation may differ between the two, but their features are almost identical. The main – frame versions include H-Spice, which is designed for integrated circuits with special device models, IG-Spice, which is designed for interactive circuit simulation with a graphic output, and RAD-Spice, which is for simulating circuits that are subjected to ionizing radiation Accu Sim (Mentor graphics), etc.

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