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What is progeCAD Professional German?

progeSoft’s progeCAD (pronounced the same as “project”) is a CAD application, or a computer-aided design program used to digitally create technical drawings or models, which, before the advent of computers, was all done by hand. The progeCAD application and its derivatives were written using ITC IntelliCAD, Open Design Alliance, and ACIS toolkits, and were designed primarily to be a low-cost professional native DWG CAD application with built-in libraries and services. Most of progeCAD’s features were directly cloned from AutoCAD, the most popular software in the market, such as floating toolbars, command line support, and AutoCAD commands; in fact, DWG files are created primarily by AutoCAD and progeCAD can open and modify these files as if it’s AutoCAD itself.

The German Professional edition came about due to the partnership between the Como, Italy-based progeSoft with CADDIT and NWS Germany in order to localize the software in German. Aside from the German language edition, progeCAD Professional German is identical with the Professional edition of the software, which boasts additional tools like 3D solid modeling and PDF import and printing. All editions of progeCAD, however, including the German professional, has no support for DirectX hardware acceleration.

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