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What is Professional Notepad?

Professional Notepad, developed by the Atech Group, is a rich text editor similar to Notepad++, where users can view and edit programming languages such as C++ and HTML, or generate the code right within the software itself. Primary support is given to such languages as C++, Delphi, PERL, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the ability to save code templates so the user can maintain consistency through pages on their website. Because of these capabilities, Professional Notepad (as can be deduced from its name) is a tool aimed mainly for website designers and programmers.

Professional Notepad can work with any length of code, no matter the file size, and also features standard rich text editor capabilities like word wrap, text customization, and move and copy via drag-and-drop. It has syntax parsing and highlighting operations for the supported programming languages, and can recognize which character set to use, DOS or Windows, when opening a file. URLs can be highlighted and displayed when a user types one, and will launch a computer’s default browser when clicked. Other features include printing, HTML and RTF export, code bookmarking, and line numbers.

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Download Professional Notepad (external link)


File types supported by Professional Notepad

Our users primarily use Professional Notepad to open these file types:

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Last updated: : June 16, 2014