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What is ProeWF3?

ProeWF3, more commonly known as PRO/ENGINEER Wildfire 3, is software from PTC, Inc. that is generally intended for the mechanical engineering field. The software is utilized for solid and assembly modeling, where tools are provided to the user to enable them to render designs in digital format, specifically as a 2D drawing or 3D object.

The software also features tools for the analysis of finite elements that will provide the user with information that can be utilized with the product design. The type of project that the user will be working on is provided in the New dialog box from the Create a new object option. The types are categorized as follow: Sketch, Part, Assembly, Manufacturing, Drawing, Format, Report, Diagram, Layout and Markup. Sub-types are as follow: Solid, Composite, Sheetmetal and Bulk.

The user interface provides the client with three panes: one that serves as a navigation window, a second one that serves as a browser window, and the third one, which serves as the graphics window. At the bottom of the interface is the dashboard, which holds some of the controls for the project being worked on, i.e. Feature: Solid and Surface; Hole, Standard and Straight; Round, Set Mode and Transition Mode; Depth, Blind, To Selected and Through All; and Material, Change Depth, Remove Material and Thicken Sketch.

Keyboard shortcuts are also enabled, such as CTRL + G for Regenerate, CTRL+Y for Redo, and CTRL + R for Repaint.

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