Privacy SafeGuard

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What is Privacy SafeGuard?

The Privacy Safeguard is a BHO (browser helper object) for Google Chrome and is a free addon for the browser. Although not exactly fulfilling a toolbar purpose like other BHOs and addons for Google Chrome, it counts as a browser application and runs under its own process, like most Google Chrome addons (it is thus some sort of a pseudo desktop application, only that you need Google Chrome to run it).

The Privacy Safeguard is a handy little security tool that blocks unwanted and known phishing sites from being accessed by your browser. This is useful, for example, when your computer is taken control over by other individuals who may not know such sites. The Privacy Safeguard filters these content from an online master list that the community is invited to participate in (by putting a site known to prey on clueless visitors). As of this writing, the Privacy Safeguard database has logged more than 300,000 websites and IPs that will automatically be filtered and blocked as soon as your browser tries to redirect to them, or requests information from them. The Privacy Safeguard app also keeps itself updated all the time, so you don't need to update it manually everytime just so it can synchronize its filter list online.

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Last updated: : May 23, 2012