PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator

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What is PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator?

The PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator is part of the PrintMaster program, a print project designer capable of churning out designs for holiday cards, event invitations, labels, restaurant menus, and—of course—scrapbooks. The scrapbook-making utilities in the software can draw on extensive resources within the program, including a huge gallery of preset layouts that can be used as templates for users’ scrapbook pages.

The PrintMaster software also includes thousands of free-for-use images that can be combined with users’ own photos for added creativity, along with an extensive library of vector images in various shapes, colors and designs for use in embellishing images or pages. These vector images number well over 155,000, so users can be assured of high variety in their choices. No two scrapbooks need even look the same, as a result.

The program has a number of output formats and styles available to users too. For instance, the user can choose to print out his scrapbook using his own hardware, or he can forward it to a printing store near his location for professional printing. Web sharing is also possible. The program is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Download PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator (external link)


File types supported by PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator

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Last updated: : June 22, 2014