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What is PriceGong?

PriceGong is, simply put, a program that does the price comparison for you so you don’t have to bust out the calculator every time you are shopping online or hunting for the best bang for your buck on the Internet. It sounds like magic, but the way it works is actually quite simple; it simply recognizes if and when you are looking for a product, and scours its database filled with information from its extensive selection of online retailers to find you a better deal – for example, Store X has the same price, but adds an additional service, or simply Store Y has a lower price. Using these information, PriceGong can give you a set of recommendations and would even give you a link to the stores with better deals than from where you are currently shopping.

PriceGong also affirms the fact that the best deal is not always the lowest price. To this end, PriceGong also features a built-in rating system that tallies the product rating of the items it suggests, a price breakdown and total price, and even the reputation and rating of the store you are buying from. Armed with this knowledge, PriceGong enables consumers to make the best purchasing decisions.

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