Power Manager

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What is Power Manager?

The Power Manager is a power-saving utility for Windows OS and Mac OS that reduces the cost of running computers and devices as well as automate some network and systems activities.

By installing this utility, users can manage the power consumption of their Mac devices from automating simple power on and off tasks and sleep and inactivity periods to managing schedules and events. Another feature of the Power Manager is its capability to create and launch applications and scripts to a schedule, enabling the user to automate backup activities and similar tasks without having to open their device.
For home and office desktop users, the Power Manager version is designed for desktop and laptop users and incorporates features that automates schedules and manage events. These includes a scheduling engine and a schedule engine that automates tasks like start up and shut down, launch applications, run scripts, log out, restart, sleep period and inactivity.

The Power Manager Remote version allows users to control their computers at home using their iPhones. For network requirements, there is the Power Manager Professional which manages sophisticated events and activities like automating action sequences, triggering multiple scripts and applications, and managing and deploying multiple schedules.

With this application, computers and devices runs for significantly longer periods, performs more and varied tasks and reduces wear and tear. Battery life is extended, translating to savings not just on energy bills but also in spare parts replacement.

Download Power Manager from the developer

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Last updated: : July 16, 2012