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What is Play Wizard101?

Wizard101 is a free and massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by King’s Isle Entertainment. Wizard101 is browser-based and lets players take the role of a wizard (which can either be male or female), who is hinted to have come from Earth, to save the multiverse of Spiral, the setting of the story.

Unlike other MMORPGs that allows players to choose a character class that defines their character’s abilities and skill set (for example, a warrior, a thief, or a mage), Wizard101 puts all players into the “mage” archetype and the class becomes analogous to the seven different “schools of magic” that prescribe the type of magic and abilities the character can possess. These seven schools of magic are Fire, Ice, Storm, Death, Life, Balance, and the Star, Moon and Sun schools. The plot of the story is simple and follows your character as he or she tries to save Spiral from its nefarious enemies hell-bent on destroying it.

Although the game is free, Wizard101 gets its revenue from a micro-transaction model; this means some items in the game can be bought using real-life money, a process known as RMT (real money transaction). Some awards and other premium services can also be purchased and acquired this way.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012