Plants vs Zombies

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What is Plants vs Zombies?

Plants vs Zombies is the immensely popular game first made by PopCap Games for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms, and has since created a wave of sequels, spin-offs, and derivatives, both official and not, in the casual gaming scene. Plants vs Zombies is essentially a tower defense game, in which stationary “towers” (that usually employ some sort of shooting mechanism) are erected in a strategic fashion to defend against wave after wave of incoming attacks. Popularized because of its cartoony portrayal and gimmicky nature – in which the towers are plants shooting seeds, and the attackers as a horde of zombies – it was one of the most well-known, best-selling casual games of all time, widely referenced in the games industry and in popular culture.

Like all tower defense games, the objective of the game is passive, in that you can’t actively take part and eradicate the zombies, you just have to defend. You can place different plants around your base, or “farm”; each plant has a different characteristic, offensive and defensive advantages, and you can use that knowledge to build your defenses. The game is over when the zombies reach the farm.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012