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What is PizzaFrenzy?

Published by PopCap Games, Pizza Frenzy is a game developed by Sprout Games for Windows computers. It requires the player to deliver pizzas on time. The player is responsible for making the orders according to the specifications made by the customer. Specifications are generally the types of toppings that the customer wants on their pizza.

Game levels take the player to different locations. Each location has a specific number of kitchens (between 2 to 4), and each kitchen has a special kind of topping. The player must assign the pizza order to the right kitchen so as to get the right toppings. If the pizzas are taking too long to arrive or if they are not to the specifications of the customer, the player’s satisfaction rating dips, plus no tip is given. If the satisfaction level dips too low, this signals the end of the game.

For each game level, there is a required amount of tip that needs to be collected. Highly-satisfied customers will give bigger tips. The player has to avoid taking orders from criminals, because if a pizza is delivered to the criminal, the player loses all their earnings. To avoid this, the player can click on the police so the criminal will be arrested. If a successful arrest is made, the player is given reward money.

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Last updated: : June 14, 2013