Pervasive Software Utilities

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What is Pervasive Software Utilities?

Pervasive DataExchange Utility is Pervasive Software’s solution for data replication. It is a reliable utility for moving data between Pervasive PSQL databases to deliver data into reporting servers, maintain current backup system and synchronize several remote databases. It is offered in two editions: Data Synchronization and Real-Time Backup. Data Synchronization edition provides one-way replication, two-way replication and data-driven replication. Real-Time Backup features one-way replication and scripted set up.

Pervasive AuditMaster is Pervasive Software’s utility for product monitoring and transaction intelligence for organizations that need to track changes and access to their mission-critical data. It details auditing transactions. Using this utility, you will be able to identify the following elements in a transaction: what is the change, who has made a change or who has accessed a record, when the change or access has taken place, how the change or access has been made, and where the change or access has originated. AuditMaster monitors the database, not the application. It documents access to your database and changes applied to your data including reading of your records, making it possible for you to recover from data entry errors or data posting errors because of the ability to track the change or access history. It features comprehensive logging system, alerts, query builder, reports and archive manager.

Pervasive Backup Agent provides the method on how to manage Continuous Operations on Pervasive PSQL database files so that data from your open files can still be made available to your application during backup. When backup is finished, stopping Backup Agent will automatically take those files out of Continuous Operations and apply all changes made during backup.

Pervasive Vx Server supports 32bit and 64bit editions of Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, Windows Small Business Server/2003/2008/2011, Windows Foundation Server, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4/5/6 and Linux SUSE Enterprise 10/11.

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Last updated: : November 6, 2012