Pervasive Software Monitor Utility

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What is Pervasive Software Monitor Utility?

Pervasive PSQL Vx Server licensing model prices database license based on the quantity of concurrent sessions and data in use unlike the traditional Pervasive PSQL that prices database license based on number of concurrent users. Pervasive PSQL v11 SP2 features a Monitor Utility that traces concurrent sessions, concurrent users and data in use, and helps PSQL v11 users to understand their software’s requirements for Pervasive PSQL Vx Server licensing. Three new items tracked by the Monitor Utility in this new model are Microkernel Uptime, Session Count and Data in Use.

Microkernel Uptime reflects the time the microkernel has been operating in days, hours, minutes and seconds. This is to determine the time when the user evaluates peak usage requirements, or to monitor the peak figures periodically depending on terms such as hourly, daily, etc. The Microkernel Usage Window shows the Microkernel Uptime above the table of requirements including files, handles, clients, worker threads, user count, session count, data in use MB, transactions and locks, and the corresponding columns of performance rates as to current, peak and maximum.

Session Count is the client ID utilized by the transactional engine or by a connection to relational engine interface. It tracks the peak and current sessions. It increases when a file is opened or a table is in use. It ends when the query or file is closed. Data In Use is the total amount of data files that are currently opened.

Data In Use and Session Count do not cover database access and files involved in database internal operations such as metadata files, dbnames.cfg, Pervasive PSQL system files and default system databases.

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Last updated: : October 24, 2012