Perfect Pro Office Calc

What is Perfect Pro Office Calc?

Perfect Pro Office Calc or Perfect Calc was one of the first spreadsheet programs ever made widely available for computers. In fact, it was published at such an early time in mass computing history that it was designed for the now-historic CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) operating system, whose last release was in 1893. Perfect Calc is now no longer used either, long since retired along with the OS for which it was designed.

Perfect Calc was distributed on floppy disks by its publisher. It was capable of handling a maximum row number of 255 and a maximum column number of 52. It was also able to hold as many as 7 concurrently open files during usage. This is no longer a stunning feat at the present time, given how spreadsheet programs have developed, but at the time Perfect Calc was being distributed, it was a singular ability and one not replicable by other, competing spreadsheet programs.

Perfect Calc allowed users much the same (essential) spreadsheet functions later spreadsheet programs did: users could enter values, perform computations, enter formulae into cells for auto-computing, lock cells (and unlock them, of course), and so on.

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