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What is Penguins?

Wild Tangent’s Penguins! is part of the Wild Tangent series of family friendly and children’s games for a wide variety of platforms, featuring cute and lovable penguins that children can identify with as the main hook of the game. The 22 MB downloadable game installs easily and is a quick download through a decent Internet connection or a broadband, taking less than a minute to download and even far less than that to install. Released on 2006, Penguins! is one of the most popular games on Wild Tangent and requires 6 Wild Coins for each play through.

Penguins! involves a penguin called Ace, and the objective of the game is to guide Ace and his penguin friends to ultimate escape from a zoo. Against this background, zoo keepers and various obstacles prevent Ace from escaping, so it is up to the player to use the items and gadgets Ace can pick up on his getaway to elude and solve the puzzles that lie across the ultimate goal. There are 8 different zoo zones or levels, and replayability is heightened with a Penguins! store to accessorize Ace and the other penguins, plus other content such as a soundtrack, wallpaper, and concept artwork.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012