Peggle Application

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What is Peggle Application?

Peggle Application or Apps is a video game created by one of the world’s developers of games called PopCap Games. This PC game is originally intended for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems. As of this date, many versions of this app were released for various devices other than computers. Users can install this application to their PlayStation Network and PlayStation Portable, Xbox Live, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPod, Android and Windows Mobile.

This Java-supported app aims to shoot numerous balls at a field of different colored pegs in each level among 55 levels. The main goal here is to clear out the board that contains 25 pegs using limited balls. Balls are released to clear out marked pegs while attaining score. If in case the number of balls is accumulated but still the board is not cleared, a user has to restart the particular level. As long as he does not clear the board, he cannot move to the next level. There are special powers to optionally activate that come with “Peggle Masters” to help a player. On each level, estimated 100 blue pegs are arranged with various background photos.

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