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What is PDF2XL Application?

Cogniview’s PDF to Excel converter, PDF2XL, is a program capable of extracting table data from PDF files and exporting it into an Excel file. It can do this on both scanned and native PDF tables and, most importantly, it does this while preserving tabular formatting. The utility is capable of processing even very large tables—100 page price lists take mere minutes for the software to chew on and turn into a usable and accurate Excel file—and it can even take data not arranged into tables and fit them into a spreadsheet by performing automated tabular formatting.

The precise list of capabilities that PDF2XL has is dependent on the version being used. For instance, the Basic edition will give the user the powerful multi-page conversion engine and the ability to extract native PDF documents’ table data. Unfortunately, users who want to work with scanned data instead will have to purchase the more expensive OCR (optical character recognition) version in order to do that. Finally, users who also want the ability to use that OCR power by converting even data photographed in regular image files into editable spreadsheet data will need to buy the most costly option, Enterprise. Enterprise also grants direct paper-scanning table extraction abilities the ability to extract screen data.

Download PDF2XL Application from the developer

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About file types supported by PDF2XL Application

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Last updated: : July 17, 2014