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What is PCSpeedUp?

The PCSpeedUp is a utility that enables users to tweak the settings of their computer's Windows registry so that it need not extract the heavy files related to AVI media that it is downloading.

The AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a container format for multimedia files created by Microsoft which is a component of the technology Video for Windows, also created by Microsoft.  This file contains the   audio and video data and processes the audio-video playback when a user tries to view a multimedia file saved from the computer.

When the Windows-based computer attempts to access the audio or video file, the computer extracts file information to get into these AVI files.  This extracting process slows down the computer, halting the running applications and rendering buffer-like effects on the operating system.  To eliminate this slowing effect, the user can install the PCSpeedUp application.

The Windows registry settings can be disabled by downloading and installing the PCSpeedUp, clicking on the Run window box and finding the key embedded for registry disabling which is given in the Run process.  Then the computer closes the finished installation process and restarts the computer.  For those who do not want this application, it can be easily removed from the computer's Control Panel and add or remove program function.

Download PCSpeedUp from the developer

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Download PCSpeedUp (external link)


About file types supported by PCSpeedUp

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Last updated: : August 14, 2012