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What is PCHealthBoost?

PC HealthBoost is a program for optimizing PC performance. Provided by US-based company Boost Software, Inc. the program provides the user with essential utilities for improving the system’s performance; thereby allowing for uninterrupted computing activities.

What the program does is to scan the computer for errors in the registry, DLLs, EXEs, file associations, uninstalls. These areas are the most common causes for slow computer performance, if errors exist within them. The program also scans for ActiveX controls.

The user is informed when errors are found within specific areas, listing down the number of errors for each one. The program recommends repairs for highly-critical errors. After scanning, the program can be enabled to automatically repair the errors via the green Fix Errors button.

The Graphical User Interface provides the user with information about their system, i.e. Model, Operating System and Hardware. On the same window, the user is also provided with a list of areas that can be scanned: Shared DLLS, Application Paths, File Associations, Uninstall Entries, COM and ActiveX Controls, MRU List, Help Files and Fonts. When the user highlights any of these categories, information about the specific category is provided to explain to the user how errors in the category are likely to occur.

Download PCHealthBoost from the developer

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Download PCHealthBoost (external link)


About file types supported by PCHealthBoost

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Last updated: : June 14, 2013