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What is PARTassembly?

PARTassembly may refer to the Part and Assembly modules featured in the FreeCAD software. The modules basically allow the user to work on each component of an object separately, and then piece everything together once the parts have been completed, to create a single object. The software is utilized to create 3D models.

The Part and Assembly modules therefore, provide the user with a selection of tools that enable them to work on each component of the model, and render these in 3D mode. The Assembly module allows the user to work on several projects at the same time. Users can also work on a single part of an object simultaneously. Modules can be programmed through the integrated scripting framework. This means that the user can run simple or complex commands for any of the application or module provided with the software.

While applications and modules can be executed from the command line window, the software also features a GUI (Graphical User Interface), from where the user can access all operations options of the software. It is also integrated with a viewer, allowing the user to open and view 3D files.

FreeCAD is a Windows and Mac-compatible software program.

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Last updated: : May 6, 2013