Overwolf Overlay

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What is Overwolf Overlay?

Overwolf Overlay is a social media application integrated with online games. This application is created to let the players share their gaming experience. Overwolf is a standalone company founded by gamers in the objective of sharing ideas, experiences and answer queries of other gamers. They came up with an idea that gamers should not concentrate on the game alone, but should know how to socialize once in a while. There were several similar applications developed but user interfaces and functionality was always been the issue. Thus, gamers and programmers of Overwolf decided to make this new application simple and easy for the gamers.

The main rule of the application is to go socialize, but never interfere with the game. It was also developed to enhance the gaming experience of the players as much as how they socialize in the popular media sites.

Overwolf supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IM, MSN messenger and Skype which are integrated in the games. The application can also record video streams from the game so that the players can share their gameplays over the Internet.

Download Overwolf Overlay from the developer

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Download Overwolf Overlay (external link)


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Last updated: : October 11, 2013