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Opera Next

What is Opera Next?

Opera Next is a Web browser from Opera Software that was developed to test alpha and beta releases of the browser’s latest features, updates and upgrades. The Web browser is a stand-alone browser, which means it does not work in conjunction with the user’s existing Opera browser.

Installing Opera Next also does not override the user’s current Opera browser. To distinguish one from the other, Opera Next comes with an “O” icon that is white in color as opposed to the original red “O” icon that comes with the stable Opera browser.

Settings, changes and bookmarks saved on the Opera Next browser will not be automatically loaded on the other Opera browser, in the same way that any changes or bookmarks saved on the Opera browser will not automatically load on Opera Next.

Opera Next will be automatically loaded with the current updates provided by the company, whether these updates are still in their alpha stage or beta stage, so the user can have a test run of the latest features being offered by Opera Software.

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File types supported by Opera Next

Our users primarily use Opera Next to open these file types:

Some users also use Opera Next to open these file types:

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