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What is Calc Excel? Calc is an office application that is similar to Microsoft Office Excel, in that both are the spreadsheet apps for their respective Office suite. Workspaces for each app also have similar components; both have the same basic elements: row headers on the leftmost side of the window, active cell indicator on the uppermost part of the workspace (below the formula bar), and column headers; apart from the usual title bar, menu bar, standard toolbar and formatting toolbar.

In Excel, a file is called a worksheet, while in Calc, this is called a spreadsheet. A tabbed sheet in Excel is known as a worksheet, while in Calc, this is known as a sheet; and in the former, callouts in cells (information displayed when the mouse is hovered over a cell) are called comments; while in the latter, these are called notes. Both applications also allow for dragging and dropping of cells, and both have keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Calc has a feature that allows the user to come up with formulas using texts instead of numeric values. Calc documents can be exported to PDF format or saved using the Excel file extension.

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Last updated: : March 29, 2013