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What is OpenLyrics?

OpenLyrics is a free open XML standard that is used for Christian worship songs. OpenLyrics’ goal is to provide a song format for interoperability between applications. The format should be application-independent, as well as operating system independent. After planning the OpenLyrics format, it was decided that the OpenLyrics lyrics should be as open and as inclusive as possible, so that other open source and proprietary presentation projects could use this new format as well.

It was also decided that OpenLyrics would be made in an XML format. XML is an established standard with a lot of solid support in many programming languages. There are also lots of XML libraries for manipulating XML. The OpenLyrics’ current design was based on the OpenSong data format, along with some features that were suggested by users, including the ability to use different languages in a song. The OpenLyrics format also supports comments within the lyrics. These comments are useful for adding non-visible information. Comments are usually defined by the comment tag. OpenLyrics supports the translation of verses by adding an attribute to tags.

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Last updated: : January 26, 2014