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What is OfferBox?

Offerbox, proclaiming itself as a revolutionary shopping assistant, is a website and online service in one that provides discounts and offers to online shoppers, giving them huge savings when they shop for items or deals and packages that Offerbox offers as part of their partnership with thousands of retailers and vendors. The biggest downside to Offerbox, however, is that it is only confined to three countries and all of them in Europe - Spain, France, and Italy, with Brazil coming soon and the first country outside of Europe to get Offerbox's services. To date, however, Offerbox has boasted over 5 million unique transactions through its website. Offerbox also offers a free web browser plugin of the same name, facilitating the online shopping process. The Offerbox plugin analyzes the keywords that the user types, or the keywords present in a webpage, and highlight them for the user and generate a list of recommended or related items pertinent to those keywords - all the while without sending private information through the Internet. The Offerbox application claims that they use their own innovative targeting technology.

However, since it’s a browser add-on, most anti-virus and security software may give out a false positive regarding Offerbox. Offerbox however assures that the software is not a security hole and is not privacy intrusive; it requires no form of registration that could be sent through or compromised in a network. It can easily be uninstalled and removed in such case that the users do not wish to use it any longer.

Download OfferBox from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012