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What is NTSMagicLineMBX?

NTSMagicLineMBX is a module for the software Magic Line from DreamSecurity Co. Ltd. The software basically functions as a security tool for users while they are connected to the Internet. The program encrypts data being sent over the Internet, whether for application request over IP or files shared via email. This way, data being sent are not rendered vulnerable to online attacks by malicious codes, which may appear while data are still in transit, from the client machine to the server responding to the request.

The program analyzes the data to be encrypted, so that it can utilize the right encryption algorithm suitable for data type. This increases encryption speed, and at the same time, reduces CPU usage of the application.

It is also generally utilized by users who make regular financial transactions online, whether checking bank accounts online or making online payments for goods or services. Malicious codes that are able to read the user’s private information, specifically bank and credit card details, steal information so this can be used for fraudulent activities. With an encryption program, the user reduces the risk of falling prey to online fraud.

Download NTSMagicLineMBX from the developer

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About file types supported by NTSMagicLineMBX

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Last updated: : June 14, 2013