NTI Ripper

What is NTI Ripper?

The NTI Ripper suite is not just a simple CD ripper, but a full-featured collection of multimedia applications that make transferring files to and especially from optical media a quick and easy process. It features three different applications out of the box, which lets your rip tracks from your CD or DVD, an audio player to play your favorite tracks right on your computer without having to launch a separate media player for them, and a burner application so you can store your files and other media to blank discs. Although it features all three programs in one, the NTI Ripper suite is only priced as one software, and its attractive car stereo interface comes prepackaged with 10 display colors and 3 different skins to further customize its look to your taste.

At the core of the Ripper suite is the NTI Ripper, which extracts tracks from your favorite audio CD and converts them to audio files in your PC. The second is the NTI Digital Jack application, which plays several audio formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV file formats. And finally, the NTI Burner can burn and record these tracks to a blank CD or DVD.

Download NTI Ripper from the developer

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Download NTI Ripper (external link)

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About file types supported by NTI Ripper

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