Norton Protection Center

What is Norton Protection Center?

The Norton Protection Center is a component of the Norton Anti-Virus software, and is synonymous in purpose and essence to a real-time shield against malware and external security threats. Like most real-time protection utilities, the Norton Protection Center runs silently in the background, and it monitors your activities both on your computer and through a network (such as the Internet) and blocks questionable content or malicious attacks without having to stop your work.

Unlike active scans, the Norton Protection Center uses considerably less resources than an active scan, although it won’t actually sift through the contents of your hard disk (as an active scan does), but it will protect you from threats as they happen, and most of the time it does this that you won’t even notice. You can also use the Norton Protection Center to scan a task or a file on demand without running a full system scan.

The Norton Protection Center is a free download for users who may have their real-time protection removed for some reason (due to a tenacious virus attack, for example), and Symantec can provide this for free if you are an existing Norton subscriber.

The Norton Protection Center is also the name of the online help webpage of Norton.

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