Norton Online Backup

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What is Norton Online Backup?

The Norton Online Backup is a very useful utility from the Norton line, which is Symantec’s famous line of computer security and safety. With the Norton Online Backup, as is obvious from the name, the software enables you to backup your data in your computer, freeing you from the worry of these data being corrupted, compromised, or destroyed by freak accidents such as fires, virus attacks, floods, among others.

The backed-up files are sent to Symantec’s super-secure servers for additional protection, and you can link the contents of these backups to and share them with your family and friends, acting as a sort of a secure and read-only cloud storage, unless you have the password for the backup. Furthermore, the Norton Online Backup enables the owner of the data to search specific files within the backup by use of keywords, facilitating convenience and ease, plus the capability to back up a maximum of five computers in your home network, even if they are using different platforms or operating systems.

Other features of the Norton Online Backup application is that it is scalable – the space can be upgraded if and when you need it, and all of your files are locked with military-level encryption.

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Download Norton Online Backup (external link)


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Last updated: : March 8, 2012